Training Begins January 8th!

Posted by Harper Mountain Ski Club on Dec 30 2016 at 09:29AM PST in

Our first training day is coming up on Sunday, January 8th!

Please have your kids ready to ski by 9:30, and we will meet at our club hut behind the t-bar. Our morning will consist of getting the kids into their coaching groups. We will run laps from tower 3 down beside the t-bar to assess the kids into their proper groups. These groups are not final, and there is always movement throughout the season as children progress. If you have any concerns with where your child is placed, please come find me and I will be happy to discuss it with you.

We will be having a parent meeting upstairs in the lodge at 11, where we will discuss our daily operations and if any of you have questions, this is a good time to ask. I will be bringing in our coaches one at a time to introduce you to them (if everything goes as planned) and then the kids will stop for lunch @ 11:30. If you are planning to order lunch from the cafeteria, please take into consideration the time it takes for the food to be made and possibly order earlier. We only take 30 mins for lunch and sometimes with the lineup and the wait it could use up half of our lunch break.

For those of you who registered online and have not handed in our paper forms, please bring those with you, and for any who have forgotten them, I will bring some extra copies with me.

We are having our AGM on Thursday Jan 12 at the Frick & Frack. We have not yet confirmed the time, but it usually runs from 6-7ish. Anyone is welcome to come. We discuss budget, fundraising, board of directors etc. If you would like to be apart of running the club, this is a great opportunity to see what its all about.

Our club has a set of timing gear which we try to use as much as possible when we practice. We are always looking for parents who are interested in learning how to use it and help us out from time to time on the hill. It’s pretty simple and can be a lot of fun!

Lastly, Harper is going to be putting on a Level 1 Ski Instructors course. It is tentatively set for Jan 20-22. If anyone is interested in taking this, please let me know and I can send you in the right direction.

I know this is a lot of information and may seem overwhelming, but if you ever have any questions about anything, you can find me on the hill on Sundays, or you can email or text/call me.

Look forward to another great season!